PKK sends message of congratulations to HPG-YJA STAR guerrillas

In a message to the guerrillas, the PKK Executive Committee said: "We congratulate our HPG-YJA STAR forces for their successful actions that make the enemy regret that they set foot in Kurdistan."

The PKK Executive Committee sent a message to HPG and YJA STAR commanders and guerrillas. The PKK said: “We are going through a critical period, as people and movement, in which the future of Kurdistan will be determined. The guerrillas in Kurdistan has been waging an epic struggle for 38 years as a will that has determined the course of history in favour of the Kurdish people's struggle for existence and freedom. Our HPG and YJA STAR forces have achieved all developments based on the line of women's freedom and the birth of the Kurdish identity on the basis of the Democratic Nation. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are fighting on the basis of insistence on Free Leadership, Free Identity, in the spirit of the June 1 Initiative, in this fateful process we are going through. Our guerrillas Cenga Xabur, Bazên Zagrosê and Martyr Savaş Maraş contributed to bringing the Time to Freedom Movement to victory. HPG-YJA STAR command and fighters in Zap, Avaşin, Metina and Xakurkê embody their historical anger against the international conspirators, the Kurdish enemies and all the traitors who are collaborating in the cause of the existence of the Kurdish people. It is showing its will to fight”.

Our martyrs are our honour and pride

The statement said: "The colonial Turkish forces carried the destruction and genocidal attacks based in Zap, Avaşin and Metina to a new level with the decision taken by the AKP-MHP fascist government. At this stage of the war, it was aimed to invade Bashur Kurdistan and then to destroy Rojava Kurdistan. It is understandable that the genocidal colonialist Turkish state, which is aware that they will not be able to achieve their goals as long as the HPG and YJA STAR forces exist, intensifies their attacks in this area. What the people of the region, especially the Kurdish people, and the democratic public should understand is that the ultimate goal of these attacks, is to remove all obstacles to Turkish nationalization and to bind the region to colonial law. Since 17 April, a unique resistance has been displayed against these attacks on the basis of Apoist sacrifice, and the Kurdistan guerrillas have dealt heavy blows by preventing the advance of the enemy forces. First of all, we gratefully commemorate all our friends who fell as martyrs while practicing the leadership and party line in this glorious resistance, and state that they are our source of honour and pride. Their aims will surely be crowned with victory. There is no doubt that the HPG-YJA STAR guerrillas will drive the mercenaries of the Turkish government out of Kurdistan. It turns out that you have all kinds of equipment for this. The decisive factor in this war is the intelligence, will and determination of Democratic Modernity Guerrilla, which has been shaped according to the philosophy of ‘the greatest technique is the person’.

Our YJA STAR HPG forces, which have so far successfully implemented the Revolutionary People's War line in all aspects in Zap, Avaşin and Metina, have forced the Turkish nation state and AKP-MHP fascism into a deadlock. It wasn't just the soldiers and mercenaries on the ground that got stuck in Zap, Avaşin and Metina. The Turkish administration, which was in crisis as it could not advance the genocide war as it had aimed, came to the point of bankruptcy. The failure of the genocidal colonial Turkish Republic to break the will of freedom of the Kurdish people sharpens and enlarges the claim of freedom and existence in our people, women and friends.

What happened in the last 50 days of our great freedom war has shown the level reached by our guerrillas. Almost every day, dozens of invaders and mercenaries are killed for the crimes they have committed against the Kurdish people. Our commanders and fighters, who neutralized the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish army with all kinds of technical equipment and chemical weapons, with tactical mastery, comradeship and Apoist will continue to walk on the line of victory by striking the most effective blows on a daily basis.”

The PKK message continues: “We congratulate our HPG-YJA STAR forces for their successful lines of action that make the enemy regret that they set foot in Kurdistan.

The HPG-YJA STAR command and fighters will shape the year 2022 with new victories every day, and will destroy the 2023 genocide plans of the Turkish state. On this basis, we wish success to all our comrades, and invite women and friends, especially the youth of Kurdistan, to live, work and fight with the guerrillas.”