PKK: “We will win even bigger”

PKK Executive Committee stated that the plot against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues with the attack against Afrin and that they “will win even bigger”.

The PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Executive Committee issued a written statement and a call to completely crush the international plot of February 15, 1999 against Öcalan.


The statement said the following:

“We are entering the 20th year of the February 15 International Plot by the genocidal-colonialist system against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish resistance for existence and freedom against the plot. We salute all who support this sacred resistance, starting with Leader Abdullah Öcalan who has resisted the Imrali torture system with superhuman patience, resilience and creativity for the last 19 years. We condemn the February 15 plot, a dark mark in the history of humanity in the 20th century, and call on democratic humanity to deliver itself from this dark mark. We remember with gratitude and respect all our heroic martyrs who have created the ring of fire around Leader Abdullah Öcalan with the motto, ‘You can’t darken our sun’ and have defended the life and liberty of Kurds. In the 20th year, we call on all who say they are human and they are democrats to fight the international plot, strive to achieve free living and working conditions for Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and to completely smash the Imrali torture system!


As it is known, the international plot that started on October 9, 1998 has been the last planned and organized attack by the global capitalist modernity system that ignores and wants to destroy the Kurdish people. It was planned and executed by the US, the UK and Israel who are the leaders of this system, and many states including Egypt, Greece and Russia, and the administrations of KDP, PUK and other political organizations as well as individuals have been used in this inhuman attack. In short, there are those who planned and executed the international plot to destroy Leader Abdullah Öcalan and disband the Kurdish freedom movement PKK, and there are those who participated, supported and wringed their hands in expectation, as well as those waiting to feed off the outcomes. But for the last 19 years, Leader Abdullah Öcalan, our freedom movement and our people have displayed a heroic resistance in the sacrifical line and have voided all these plans and calculations.”

PKK pointed out the invasion attacks against Afrin and said:

“19 years of heroic struggle has deemed the plot a failure and dismantled the union of the plot to a significant degree, but as seen in the example of the fascist Turkish Republic, there are still forces that try to continue with the conspiracist mindset and politics with insistence and bigotry. The latest vile attack by this fascist, colonialist and genocidal mindset has been the invasion attempt against Afrin. They are trying to prolong the century old system to deny and destroy the Kurds, and the 20-year-old conspiracy attack with the Afrin invasion today. Looking by the light of the attack to invade Afrin and the heroic resistance that has continued for 25 days, the reality and the execution of the international plot can be understood easily. Thus, like the invasion attempt against Afrin is the conspiring mindset and politics’ most recent attack, the heroic resistance displayed by the people of Afrin and the whole of Kurdistan is the latest and most extensive link in the chain of struggle against the international plot. The spirit of resistance developed with the motto, ‘You can’t darken our sun’, the spirit of resistance in Cizre, Sur and Kobanê today resurges in Afrin. Every victory by the Resistance of the Age in Afrin means the defeat and destruction of the international plot.

Taking into consideration the defeat the fascist, colonialist and genocidal conspiracist mindset and politics have experienced in Afrin, their despair and the dead end, it can clearly be seen that the international plot no longer serves even its masters.”


“For this reason, insistence on international plot, Imralı torture system and the policy of denial and annihilation against the Kurdish people is now purposeless and meaningless.”

The statement by PKK continued;

“In this regard, the forces that planned, executed and engaged in the international plot must review the current mindset and policy of Kurdish genocide and acknowledge the existence and freedom of the Kurdish people. Existence in the Middle East and participation in democratic politics henceforward will only be possible with such a change of mindset and policy because of the fact that Kurdish existence is the most active democratic subject of the Middle East today.


All the people of Kurdistan, with their Leader, guerrilla, militant party leadership, women’s and youth’s movement, have bravely fought against the savage attacks carried out by global reactionism on the basis of colonialist-genocidel mindset and politics for 20 years, and realized the most libertarian democratic progress in theory and practice within this resistance. How heavy the price might be, this free humanity in question has never abstained from mounting their resistance. On this basis, they deepened the national-democratic revolution in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan, realized and defended a freedom revolution in Rojava (Western) Kurdistan, protected their national gains in Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan and revealed a serious awareness and organization in Rojhilat (Eastern) Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Freedom Revolution developed on the basis of democratic nation became the Pioneer of the Democratic Middle East Revolution. Women’s Liberation Revolution advanced in all parts, spread to the region and the world and paved the way for an equal and free life. Reality of a Leader that showed the way to emancipation to all oppressed humanity and peoples emerged. The Democratic Modernity Theory developed by Leader Abdullah Öcalan shows the way to free life to entire humanity all around the World today.”


PKK underlined that the character of struggle against the international plot must be understood well to adopt the right attitude and succeed in missions.

The statement continued;

“Insistence on free existence and life against the denialist and destructive character of the plot forms the essence of the resistance developed by Leader Abdullah Öcalan against the international plot. The historic Imralı resistance and the developments created by Leader Abdullah Öcalan are an expression and proof of this reality. When this is the case, this reality must be seen better and represented in a more powerful manner in the 20th year struggle against the plot.

As Kurdish movement and people, we enter the 20th year of struggle against the plot with the sacred Afrin resistance and revolutionary popular war we are waging on four fronts. Without a doubt, we will struggle with the accumulation of 19 years, and we will win even bigger. We will mobilize in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad in order to completely crush the Imralı torture system and to ensure Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s attainment of free conditions of living and working.”


The statement by PKK ended with the following call:

“On this basis, we call on all our party militant structure and guerrilla forces, women’s and youth’s organizations, our people, our friends and all democratic forces to give a more powerful struggle against the plot in its 20th year, to crush the Imralı system in order to ensure Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s attainment of free conditions of living and working, to lead Afrin resistance to victory and say stop to fascist invasion, to crush the AKP-MHP fascism and free the peoples of Kurdistan, Turkey and all humanity of this fascist menace.”