Police raids home, kicks pregnant woman

Turkish police raided a home in Batman and battered a pregnant woman and another elderly woman. The pregnant woman was kicked in the abdomen.

According to the Mesopotamia Agency’s article, special operations police and antiterror units raided the home of Ilyas Çetinkaya, a resident of Batman’s Korik neighborhood and a shepherd in Siirt, in the early morning hours on April 13. Çetinkaya’s mother Besna Çetinkaya (65) was awake for the morning prayers, and was trying to open the door for the police when they kicked the door down. The mother was pushed on the ground with long barreled weapons and battered. Wife Aslıhan Çetinkaya, 5 months pregnant, was also battered by the police despite informing them of her situation.


Mother Çetinkaya said, “The police kept asking me where my son is and where my son’s gun is. My son is a shepherd. Why are they asking for my son? I told them my son isn’t here, and there are children at home, but they trashed the place. My two grandchildren were scared and hid under the blankets. When they saw the blanket, they asked what was under it. We told them it was the children, but they didn’t listen. None of their faces were visible. I will file complaints on all of them.”


Aslıhan Çetinkaya said, “I was kicked on my back and on my abdomen. There are bruises on my body. I took a medical report for battery. I am 5 months pregnant, I could have lost my baby. There were two children in the house, and they were terrified.”