Protests spread in South Kurdistan

Protests against local government and political parties spread across South Kurdistan. Party buildings were set on fire in many cities, at least 2 people were killed, dozens were injured, and dozens were detained.

Civil servants have not received their salaries for months while wages have been cut and eventually anger sparked..

The protests that have been taking place for days have intensified in the last few days. All parties were targeted and their buildings burned during demonstrations held in many cities, especially on Monday evening. Two protesters lost their lives during Monday's protests, dozens were injured and dozens were detained.


Protest started during the night in the city market in Sharezur, in Sulaymaniyah. The crowd made fires in the streets and closed the roads to traffic. Security forces intervened against the activists with real bullets. A teenager was injured here.

According to Sharezur hospital sources, the young man who was injured in his foot was transferred to Sulaymaniyah hospital.


In the city of Derbendixan in Sulaimaniyah, a large crowd took to the streets at night and set the district governorship building and the Goran Movement building on fire. The activists, who also turned to the KDP building, were met by an armed response. An activist was injured when fire was opened against demonstrators. Likewise, the forces ensuring the security of the PUK building opened fire on the demonstrators.


In Kelar, in Germiyan, the building of the Goran movement was stoned. Security forces opened fire on the demonstrators.

During the protest held in Kifrî, also linked to Germiyan, in the evening, the PUK building was burned.

17-year-old Ako Selman was seriously injured when security forces opened fire as the building was burned. It was reported that Selman could not be saved.

Activists then turned to the buildings belonging to the KDP and Goran parties.


On Monday, a 16-year-old youth died in Chamchamal and 2 people were injured. It was learned that a young man named Adem Yahha died when KDP forces opened fire.


Clashes were also reported in the protests held in Ranya. Around 20 protesters were injured in the clashes between security forces and protesters, while many were detained. The protest lasted for about 3 hours.


Many party buildings were set on fire in the protests held in the district of Said Sadiq in Sulaymaniyah.

In Said Sadiq, the KDP, PUK, Komela Islami, Yekgirtuy Islami and Gorran buildings, the District Governorship building, the police station and the district governor's house were set on fire. While it was stated that many people were injured in these demonstrations, a net balance sheet could not be obtained.


Dozens of people were detained across the region in the past week, according to local sources. However, the exact number has been announced yet. Reports of detentions are coming from many cities. No information could be obtained about the situation of the detainees.


Human rights organizations are also worried about the increasing pressure of security forces on the media in the region. The police stopped live broadcast on Monday morning, by raiding NRT's offices in Sulaymaniyah. Many items were confiscated or broken during the raid. NRT belongs to Shawar Abdulwahid, the director of the political party Naway Nwe. Almost all media outlets in the region are affiliated with political parties or political figures. Officially, freedom of the press has been under legal guarantee in the Kurdistan region for more than 10 years.