PUK condemns Turkey's drone attack of Çemçemal

The PUK condemned Turkey for the drone attack in Çemçemal which caused the death of a woman while 2 citizens were wounded.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) issued a statement regarding the killing of a woman and the injury of 2 more civilians as a result of a Turkish state's drone attack in the Çemçemal district of Sulaymaniyah. The drone targeted a civilian vehicle.

The PUK condemned the bombardments carried out by Turkish warplanes. The statement said: "The PUK Politburo condemns the bombardment carried out by Turkish planes in Kara Hencir near Kirkuk. We see these border violations, which penetrated into Iraq and Kurdistan, as a very bad development. Therefore, we demand them to stop immediately. No reason can justify the harm to innocent people.”

The PUK called on the Iraqi government to use its constitutional rights to protect the borders of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.