Kurdish filmmaker to be buried in Sulaymaniyah as Iranian regime denies permission to hold funeral

The Iranian regime prevented the burial of filmmaker Mansour Karimiyan in Eastern Kurdistan. The Rojhilat director will be buried in South Kurdistan.

Filmmaker Mansour Karimiyan from Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) was killed as a result of the bombing by the Turkish state against Rojava on 23 December 2023.

Martyr Mansour Karimyan's body was brought, by his family and hundreds of people, from Al Watanî Hospital in Derik on 30 December to the Sêmalka Border Gate.

A day later, on 31 December, he was sent off to Eastern Kurdistan after a ceremony held in Sulaymaniyay, in South Kurdistan.

Film director Kerimiyan's remains were expected to be buried in the city of Sine (Sanandaj) in East Kurdistan, but despite all attempts for about a week, the Iranian state has been preventing his burial.

Because of the state's obstacles, the remains of martyr Mansour Karimiyan will be buried in the Şêx Ebas cemetery in Sulaymaniyah at 10.30 on Monday 7 January.

Mansour Karimiyan was born in 1984 in Sine, East Kurdistan. Karimiyan, who has been working in the field of cinema for 20 years, has been directing in Rojava for the last two years.