Several settlements in 16 Kurdish cities under quarantine

The entering and leaving of four major cities in Northern Kurdistan was prohibited because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Local quarantine measures are in place in 16 cities in the region.

Northern Kurdistan is particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic because of its proximity to Iran and Eastern Kurdistan. Nevertheless, Turkish health authorities started to carry out first tests in the region only last week. The extent of the tests is extremely limited, for example only 500 tests were conducted in the city of Amed (Diyarbakır) with a population of almost two million. In Şırnak, 600 to 700 people are in hospital or quarantine. In Urfa 20 people tested positive, three people died from the virus, while 150 people are in hospital under suspicion of corona.

Entering and leaving four major Northern Kurdish cities including Van was banned and local quarantine measures have been in place in 16 settlements in the region since 7 April.

In Amed, 148 people are in hospital because of Coronavirus. Four sick people are in acute danger of their lives and are in intensive care. In the last two days nine inhabitants of the city have died of the virus.  

Small number of tests

Şiyar Güldiken, co-chair of the Union of Health and Social Service Workers (SES) in Amed told the Mezopotamya news agency (MA) that about 500 tests had been conducted in the city: "This figure, however, is not certain as there is unfortunately no transparent procedure. Many more tests should be conducted. Worldwide experience shows that the more tests, the more cases are detected. The more accurately the number of new infections is recorded, the faster it can be brought under control."

Şırnak: Up to 700 people in quarantine

In the province of Şırnak, the number of infections is increasing day by day. According to information from the medical association of Şırnak, 600 to 700 people are in quarantine in the dormitories and hospitals. Since the day before yesterday, 16 people have tested positive in the city. The doctors in the city complain about a lack of protective equipment. The health centres lack masks, gloves, aprons and protective goggles.

No test centre in Urfa

The Medical Chamber of Urfa reports that 150 people with suspected corona are in the hospitals. The Chamber says that health authorities in the region are taking the pandemic lightly and have still not set up a test centre in Urfa.

HDP: Is there a discrimination?

HDP MP Garo Paylan said it is absolutely incomprehensible why, in a city like Amed with its two million inhabitants, only 500 people have been tested in the past 27 days. He asked in a parliamentary question whether Amed and the other Kurdish provinces are discriminated against in the distribution of the tests.

Local quarantine in 16 cities

Apart from the ban on entering the four major cities in Northern Kurdistan, local quarantine measures were imposed in the following 16 provinces:

Adiyaman: The village of Şahintepe in the district of Kahta

Ağrı: The villages of Melehesen, Mêrze, Xirbesork, Cemalvêrdi, Hecîbotî, Şemê and Hacıyusuf in the Tutak district

Amed: The village of Bistîn (Aynalı) in Çermik district, a rural neighborhood in Silvan; the hamlet of Taştepe in Ergani district

Batman: The village of Altındere and three other localities in the district of Sason

Bingöl: The village of Döşlüce in the Adaklı district

Bitlis: The village of Koyunlu in Mutki district, and the villages of Yumurtatepe, Örenlik, Çanakdüzü and Dönertaş in Tatvan district

Dersim: The village of Geçitveren in Mazgirt district

Erzincan: The villages of Muratboynu, Eskibağlar and Gediktepe im Kemah district

Kars: The neighborhood of Merkez in Dağpınar town, Türkmeşen village in Digor district, Erdağı village in Susuz district, Karabağ village in Kağızman district and Benliahmet village in Selim district

Malatya: The village of Ilıca in Darende district, the Egnir village in Arapgir district, Kozdere village in Hekimhan disiitrict, and 5 more neighborhoods in the districts of Darende, Hekimhan, Arapgir, Pütürge and Kuluncak

Mardin: The village of Yetkinler im Mazıdağı district and the village of Derinsu in Derik district

Muş: The villages of Yazla, Alagün und Yüzbaşı

Siirt: The villages of Akgeçit, Taşyaka, Kayahisar, Kayalı, Bindal and Ankebir

Sivas: The villages of Şenbağlar, Boyalı, Dilekli, Kurşunlu, Yağcılar, Boyalıca, Gökçekaş, Üyük, Darıkol und Tuzlagözü

Urfa: Four neighborhoods in Suruç and other central districts

Van: The villages of Ilıcak, Belliyurt, Esenyamaç and Örmetaş in Başkale district; Han village in Çaldıran district; Çemik and Tellikaya hamlets in Çatak district.