Shengal Assembly: The corridor must be officially opened

The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly stated that the corridor needs to be opened in an official protocol.

The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly (MXDS) issued a written statement on the de facto reopening of the Rojava-Shengal Humanitarian Corridor which had been closed by Iraqi forces recently.

“The Yazidi society is going through a historic period. After the Rojava-Shengal Humanitarian Corridor was closed by Iraqi forces, the people of Shengal put up a tent and have continued their protest for days,” said the statement and continued:


“The people demand an official protocol from the Iraqi government so the humanitarian corridor won’t be closed again. The corridor is of great importance to our people. This is a way for our people for safe passage, and to meet their medical and vital needs. It was a way thousands of Yazidis used during the massacre. Without this humanitarian corridor between Shengal and Rojava, travel would be completely cut off.

As the Shengal Assembly, we know very well that the roads into Southern Kurdistan are not safe for us. The Iraqi government may issue statements claiming Iraq has been cleared of ISIS, but we have our doubts. ISIS attacks Iraqi territory every day. The gate between Southern Kurdistan and Shengal may be open, but we also know very well where the Kurdistan Regional Government stands as well. Dozens of our people were arrested as they travelled. Our youth, our people have been pressured.”


The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly concluded the statement with the following:

“We are calling on the whole of Yazidi society: Be aware of dirty plans. The day the gate between Shengal and Southern Kurdistan was opened, there was an air strike on our lands. Our people were martyred. The humanitarian corridor was closed. This was a joint plan by Turkey, KDP and the Iraqi government. We will raise the struggle for the will of the Yazidi people, and so they will be empowered and organized.”