Shengal Autonomous Assembly: KDP and MIT met before the Turkish attack in Sinune

Regarding Wednesday’s Turkish attack on Sinune and the events that followed, the Autonomous Assembly of Shengal said that a meeting between Yazidis close to KDP and the intelligence services of Turkey and KDP took place in the run-up to the attack.

The Democratic Autonomous Assembly of Shengal (MXDŞ) issued a statement on the Turkish drone attack on the town of Sinune on Wednesday. According to the statement, a child named Selah Nasir was killed and seven people suffered injuries, some of them seriously. Among the injured are members of the Autonomous Assembly as well as the Sinune People's Council and a journalist. The target of the attack at 10.30 am local time was the People's Council building, which was bombed twice.

The Autonomous Assembly of Shengal pointed to the cooperation between the intelligence services of Turkey and the KDP and reported massive threats against the people of Shengal and leading figures of the Yazidi community. According to the Assembly, the aim of the Turkish state and the KDP leadership is to destroy the gains made in Shengal after the ISIS genocide in 2014. “The implementation of this plan, which also involves the Iraqi government and parts of the Iraqi army, has so far been prevented thanks to the will of our people. Now this dirty plan is set to be implemented in different ways. To this end, the KDP secret service, together with the Turkish secret service, is looking for ways to put pressure on our people. Patriotic families and leading figures of our community are being threatened in different ways. This is to force our people to renounce their legitimate rights and institutions. However, nothing has been achieved through these threats. For this reason, air strikes have again been carried out on the people.”

The statement continued, “The Sinune People's Council was chosen as the target of the attack because it is a permanent contact point for the people and works to solve people's problems. There are residential houses and shops in the vicinity. The attack was clearly not only against the People's Council, but also against the people.

The KDP is trying to depopulate Shengal and to distance the population from the autonomous administration. This is also shown by the scenario of the attack and the events that followed. In the run-up to the attack, Yazidis close to the KDP met with representatives of the KDP intelligence service Parastin and the Turkish intelligence service MIT in Hewlêr (Erbil). After the drone attack, these people tried to blame the autonomous administration and incite the population against it. This provocation failed due to the efforts of the autonomous administration and our people. However, our people must remain vigilant and realise that the KDP and its collaborators are behind this. We call on our people, the tribal elders, the leaders of society, the intellectuals and the youth not to allow these machinations.

The statement concluded: "We inform the whole world that our struggle for an autonomous and free Shengal will continue until victory. Our will is stronger than all enemy attacks. Our commitment will continue in the footsteps of the martyrs. Those who collaborate with the enemy will have to answer to our people and the families of the martyrs. Those who support the Turkish state and the KDP in Shengal and met with Parastin and MIT in Hewlêr are mainly responsible for the death of Yazidi children. They are not only responsible for this attack, but for all the provocations instigated in Shengal. Our people should not protect these people and should not harbour them."