Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly holds its 5th congress

At the 5th congress of the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly, the messages and perspectives of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan towards the Yazidi people were read.

The 5th Congress of the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly started in Sinun with the slogan 'We will build Shengal, we will make the autonomy permanent'. The congress continues with the reading of the messages sent by institutions and individuals. KNK, TEV-DEM, TAJÊ, the German delegation and the Yazidis living in Afrin and institutions and individuals in Southern Kurdistan sent their messages to the congress.

Speaking on behalf of the Yazidis living in Europe, Çiçek Yıldız said: “We are standing by those who defend these lands. We closely follow the resistance in these lands. The invading Turkish state is carrying out attacks against our lands. Our message to our enemies is that they should withdraw from our land. We will elect and train our own commanders and politicians from among ourselves. We will not let others rule us.”

'We have to resist'

Speaking on behalf of the KNK, Sebriye Sevgat said: “Shengal is the honor of Kurdistan. The resistance of Shengal is the resistance of all of us. We draw our strength from the resistance of the Yazidi women. We have survived the ISIS genocide, but we are faced with other massacres. We must resist.”

The family of Mam Beşir, one of the leading figures of the Yazidi people, was among the attendees of the congress. Mam Beşir's wife Dayê Sebriye and sister Xanê greeted the congress and said: "We will be the voice of Mam Beşir and Mam Zeki. We will be the voice of all martyrs in Kurdistan. We will defend Shengal. Defending Shengal is defending Leader Abdullah Öcalan and Kurdistan.”

The Yazidi community is walking towards freedom

TAJÊ (the women’s organization) said: “Our people paid a great price so that they could govern themselves with their own will, language and culture. As a result of the price paid and the resistance put forward, our people are walking towards freedom with their own culture, will and dignity.”

After the messages from institutions and individuals were read, the message of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan to the Yazidi people and his evaluations were also read.

Autonomy government is a system to defend the Yazidi community

Speakers underlined that the Autonomous Administration is not only a social and political contract, but also a defense system for the Yazidis and all its components in Shengal. “In today's world, there are autonomous administration systems in many parts of the world. Self-government has become the key to self-defense and governance, especially for cultural and minority groups. Democracy and local governments are developing day by day in our region and in the world.”

Iraq must recognize the Autonomous Administration

Speakers said that “Iraq is governed by the federal system. The Constitution includes several laws on the development of local governments. The Shengal Autonomous Administration is the best example of self-government at the constitutional level. The Shengal Democratic Autonomy is the basis for the construction of a democratic Iraq and, on this basis, the basis of Iraqi democratic unity. The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration needs to be recognized, understood and accepted by Iraq and all international powers.”

Social Contract

The Social Contract includes some of the following points:

-The Democratic Autonomous Administration is based on the democratic, ecological and women's free paradigm.

-The Shengal Democratic Autonomy derives its legitimacy and power from the participation of equal and free peoples and faith groups, and this administration is based on the will of the peoples.

-In the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration, all cultures, religions, beliefs and languages are equal in all areas of life. All societies build and manage their lives in their own mother tongue.

-The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration considers itself a part of the Iraqi lands and administration with its democracy in place and the equal and free participation of the peoples.

-The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration continues to work for the development of a free and equal life based on the idea of a Democratic Nation.

-The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration considers the co-chairmanship system a fundamental criterion in all political and social life.

-Young people are the future of society. They build their own organization in every area of life and take their place everywhere.

-Self-defense is a legitimate and natural right for all peoples, cultures, religions and beliefs. All individuals and groups are responsible and responsible for the defense of Shengal.

Congress decisions

The congress also took some important decisions, among which are the following:

⦁ Martyr Dijwar Feqîr (Merwan Bedel) was declared the permanent and spiritual co-chair of the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly.

⦁ Martyr Hesen Saît, Martyr Isa, Martyr Azad, Martyr Pir Ceko, Martyr Şerzat, Martyr Agir, Martyr Enwer, Martyr Zagros, Martyr Muhsin, Martyr İbrahim Derwêş, Martyr Faraşin, Martyr Menal, Martyr Şerwan were declared martyrs of the resistance.

⦁ The martyrs of the Sikêniyê Hospital were declared martyrs of honor, labor and patriotism.

⦁ Efforts will continue at the highest level to have the massacre carried out on 3 August 2014 by ISIS against the Yazidi people recognised as genocide in Iraq and internationally.

⦁ A dialogue will be established with all parties about the recognition of Shengal as an autonomous region.

⦁ The Democratic Autonomy project, prepared by the Shengal Autonomous Assembly, will be considered as a solution and the Democratic Autonomy project will be taken as a basis in all dialogues.

⦁ The 9 October Agreement signed by the KDP, Kazimi Government and the Turkish state against the will of the Yazidi people will be rejected in all aspects and resistance will be developed against it.

⦁ Every means of resistance will be implemented for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan

⦁ Mam Zeki and Mam Beşir were proclaimed symbols of unity and solidarity among the Yazidis.