South Kurdistan artists launch a campaign against a new conflict

Artists from South Kurdistan launched a campaign called 'There will be no winner in a civil war', condemning the attacks against Zinê Wertê.

Artists from South Kurdistan held a press release at the Urfa Gallery in Sulaymaniyah regarding the attacks against Zinê Wertê. The artists called for unity to avoid a new civil war.

The artists announced that they have launched a campaign titled 'There will be no winner in a civil war' which has already been signed by 125 people.

Speaking on behalf of the artists, Şivan Qeredaxî said: "We have been experiencing tensions and clashes between the Kurdish parties for a while. We know that the occupation forces put their finger in these clashes. The invaders who have taken advantage of the tension experienced are trying to start a civil war among Kurds. The most interested in a civil war are the Turkish and Iranian state. If this new conflict is not prevented, the Kurdish people will face huge massacres."

The statement added: "As artists in South Kurdistan, we call on Kurdish parties to avoid violence in the region. Kurdish parties should not be a tool for implementing the invaders' plans. The only solution is the national unity of political parties. Consider the interests of the people, respect the blood of the martyrs, take decisions with ethic and conscience."