The Bird Paradise of Kurdistan: The Hevsel Gardens

With the arrival of spring, the Hevsel Gardens in northern Kurdistan city of Amed have unfolded their beauty.

The Hevsel Gardens, known as the bird paradise of Kurdistan, have awakened with the arrival of spring and all its beauty. The historic Hevsel Gardens in the northern Kurdistan province of Amed (Diyarbakir) are 7000 years old. They are located on the slope between the city wall and the Tigris shore, not far from the mighty Keçi Burcu, the Goat Tower, and were declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2015 along with the city wall of Amed.

With the warmth of spring, the fruit trees of the Hevsel Gardens are also flourishing, with their alluvial soil being one of the most fertile areas of urban agriculture.

The Hevsel Gardens, which are said to house 181 species of birds, make a feast for the eyes of the beholder with the advent of spring, with all its various plant and animal species. Visitors can experience the awakening of spring under the lively chirping of birds.