The enemy within the Yazidi community

The Şeşo family in Shengal is like a miniature of the Barzani dynasty. What the Barzani family means to the Kurds, the Şeşo family is the same in Yazidi society.

It was reported in the media that a 12-year-old Yazidi boy was killed and seven others people were injured, some seriously, in the attack by the genocidal Turkish state on the Sinune People's Assembly in Shengal. The attack was carried out by armed reconnaissance planes on 15 June. Immediately after the attack, the Shengal Democratic People's Assembly published a statement while the people of Shengal protested the attack. Both the statement of the People's Assembly and other statements given to the press, said that those who gave information to the colonialist Turkish state so that it can shot the people's assembly in this latest attack were those who were affiliated with the KDP and betrayed the Yazidism.

Who and why are they betraying this ancient belief, which has been through 73 massacres? Do these people and circles have any real ties to Yazidis or Shengal? Undoubtedly, the answers to these questions are very important for the existence and freedom of the Yazidi community, which has been subjected to heavy attacks.

A miniature Barzani dynasty in Shengal

Haydar Şeşo, who marketed himself as the commander of the Êzidxan forces, made some statements regarding the attack while the Sinûnê People's Assembly was still under fire. In fact, with his speeches, he unwittingly admitted how and for what purposes the Sinûnê attack was carried out. He somehow said that he had a direct connection with this attack. The Şeşo family in Shengal is actually like a miniature of the Barzani dynasty. What the Barzani family means to the Kurds, the Şeşo family is the same in the Yazidi society.

Just as the Barzani family gives up Kurdistan, the Kurdish people and all their values ​​to the colonial and genocidal Turkish state for the family interests and dynasty, and engages in all kinds of betrayal and servitude, the Şeşo family plays such a role and mission in the Yazidi society. They do not hesitate to enter into relations with everyone on the basis of betrayal and cooperation for their family interests. It is known that the relations between the Barzani family and the Şeşo family date back to the 1970s. These relations connect the Şeşo family to the Barzanis, and the Şeşo family becomes the eyes and ears of the Barzanis in the Yazidi community.

When the KDP and the Turkish state, which aimed to carry out the genocide of Yazidis with the help of ISIS mercenaries in 2014, were prevented from doing so thanks to the intervention of the HPG guerrillas who started to liberate Shengal and the Yazidi community, they openly entered the war to complete the Yazidi genocide. Thus, the Şeşo family, affiliated with the KDP, actively intervened or was brought into action. Since then, the Şeşo family has been very actively involved in the genocidal war against the Yazidi community, together with the KDP and the Turkish state.

Haydar Şeşo, besides his special war policies in many areas, organizes an agent network with agent-intelligence activities. Every time Turkish war or reconnaissance planes hit Shengal, Haydar Şeşo makes statements to the press. When we look at the content of these statements, it is clear that the task of being the special war coordinator in Shengal was given to him by the KDP and the Turkish MIT. It was the KDP and Haydar Şeşo who gave intelligence information to the Turkish state that then hit Mam Zeki, martyr Zerdesht, Saîd Hesen, Dijwar Feqîr and many Yazidi leaders as well as the Sinûnê People's Assembly.

Now is the time to take an open and active stance against this treacherous line and continue to the struggle to preserve the existence and freedom of the Shengal democratic autonomous administration. Every Yazidi individual who is loyal to their land and faith should support and participate and hold the KDP and the betrayers to account. This is the right of all Yazidis, as well as a requirement of their historical and social duties and responsibilities.