The KDP fears Kurdish national unity

The internal politics of the KDP in Kurdistan today has completely collapsed. 

In order to ensure the establishment of national unity, words were spoken, songs were written, actions were organized, calls were made in the past.

The essence of all the different activities was the establishment of a platform to allow discussion on the basis of preventing a possible inter Kurdish war and ensuring national unity.

Against all these attempts, the KDP played deaf. The calls of both individuals and different institutions and organizations seemed to hit the walls. In fact, all of these calls have revealed a partnership and a referendum.

The KDP began provocation actions after the results of the national union referendum.

It can also be called an invasion attack on Qandil accompanied by Turkish colonial planes. The KDP wants to break the perception of integrity and freedom created by the PKK, which is based on the democratic unity of the free Kurdistan people.

The KDP insists on fragmentation and addiction instead of integrity and freedom. We can see this from the disintegration anxiety brought on the agenda of the resisting Kurds since the onset of the Zînî Wertê attack. We can also notice the provocative attitude of the KDP media as well as the statements of the KDP, made on behalf of the government, and the anti-PKK opposition that is trying to organize.

The entire politics of the KDP is tearing Kurds apart and dragging them into dependency relations. With this policy style, the KDP becomes a bad copy of the ruling style of the sovereign states, which are the most hostile to the Kurds.

It imposes this on all Kurds. It discusses the legitimacy of the Kurds / Kurdish organizations that have resisted to succeed. When ISIS was at the door, the PKK and its guerrillas, who ran to the front and stopped the invasion of Hewlêr (Erbil), were legitimate, visited and thanked. But not today.

Responding to the martyrdom of Kurdish guerrillas in Kurdistan territory by saying "The technique of the Turks is advanced" shows the depth of the surrender line. The line of surrender does not justify resistance. The line of surrender is not legitimate before the line of resistance.

The KDP is afraid of national unity. It is afraid of the resisting Kurdishness, leading the national union.

The hegemony established by the KDP through the victimization and fear of the people has nothing to do with being a government. The KDP sees Southern Kurdistan as its property.

Defeats throughout its history, fights for the family, massacres, swings, are all known. The most obvious aspect of surrender in today's politics is that it completely defines the character of the KDP maintaining it in a continuous paradox.

On the other hand, the common denominator in the calls, attitudes and actions taken by the people in the regions of Qandil and Wertê is clear: The KDP, whatever the name it uses, should withdraw.

This demand is the most correct and appropriate. The solution is to be found here.