The movie "PKK Epic" to be released tomorrow, 44th anniversary of the establishment of the PKK

The movie "PKK Epic" will be released tomorrow, on the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the PKK.

The movie "PKK Epic", which will be released tomorrow, on the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the PKK, tells about Leader Abdullah Öcalan, his ideas and the PKK's message to humanity through music and songs.

The photography of the film, which is directed by Şêro Hinde and Diyar Hesso, is Elî Feqe. The music arranger is Mahmud Berazi and the mix is signed by Seyid Rıza Silbus.

The women's revolution against the patriarchal system, Leader Abdullah Öcalan and his 50-year struggle against the occupying systems, the various stages of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, the Rojava Revolution and the philosophy and thought of a democratic nation are the messages conveyed by the musical film "PKK Epic"(Destane PKK).

Diyar Hesso, assistant director, told ANHA: “The film is a musical about the 50-year-old struggle of the PKK movement and the epics of the fighters of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. It is thanks to them that the Kurds have gained consciousness. It also showed the determination of the guerrillas, which has become a hope for humanity.”

Stating that the idea of ​​film and music is the result of many years of work by "Awazê Çiya" working within the Martyr Sefqan Academy, Hesso said: "It is a joint work of TEV-ÇAND, Sine Çiya, Awazê Çiya, Rojava Film Commune and Pargîn Institution."

Stating that the sound and music work as well as the writing of the songs took more than 5 years, Hesso said that the film was shot in 5 months, most of which in Rojava.

Hesso confirmed that the film will be released tomorrow on the 44th anniversary of the founding of the PKK.

Diyar Hesso said that they want to convey the message of Leader Öcalan and the PKK, hope, love, life and human values ​​through this film.