The rebellious child of the Botan mountains: Reşit Serdar

Reşit Serdar, a rebellious child of Botan mountains, was a great commander who confronted the enemy with great anger, challenging any difficulty.

The struggle of Reşit Serdar, who joined the army of martyrs in Şemdinli, Hakkari on November 18, 2012, continues in the mountains of Kurdistan with all its splendor.

How should the story of a mountain child be told, especially if the story of a Kurdish nomad is to be told… Botan is the land of both mountain people and nomads… The traces and mysteries of all the creations of history are hidden in the depths of this geography just like its people. The spirit, rebellion and nobility of the people of Mesopotamia, who have lived freely for thousands of years without knowing what slavery is, are also hidden here.

Mehmet Can Gürhan (Reşit Serdar), one of the pioneering commanders of the PKK, was born in 1973 in the Ers village of Eruh district in Siirt, to a patriotic family engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Mehmet Can was a lively kid. He was combative. He was unyielding and rebellious like the geography he was born in. While Mehmet Can was still a child and unaware of what was happening, a new rebellion was erupting in the lands he was born in.

Commander Egid and his comrades were about to explode as the accumulated revolt of the Kurds, the people of ancient lands. This secret was spreading slowly and was ceasing to be a secret.

The first bullet was not only fired against the colonists in Eruh. It was fired against the intimidated reality of a society tired of oppression and torture.

Mehmet Can began his search after the 15th of August move and after joining the movement, he took the name Reşit, who was one of the guerrilla commanders he had admired and seen first.


Like all Kurdish youth, Mehmet Can seized a historical opportunity to spill out hatred against his enemy. Also known as ARGK guerrilla Reşit. He acted as a warrior and a commander under the control of his comrade, Serdar, a commander of the mobile unit. He took the name of his comrade, Serdar in his memory after his martyrdom.

Reşit Serdar now became the bearer of the names, memories and hopes of Reşit and Serdar, who were two ARGK guerrillas and commanders. He took part in the most active and combative group of the most brutal war years in Botan. He fought, commanded, and made his friends fight. He was now a warrior and commander good enough to attract the attention of a wise man.

He shaped a rebellious and unbridled warfare of the rebellious geography with a strong consciousness by going to the Leadership field in 1997. The rebellious, unruly child of the Botan mountains, the young warrior and commander of the Botan mountains marched to the Amanos to carry out the resistance more widely and comprehensively. His journey was very short, but striking and bringing results. He bore the burden of his commander, İbrahim the blond.


After the international conspiracy that developed while he in the mountains of Amanos, in 1999, upon the call of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, he moved to Medya Defense Zones alongside the withdrawing guerrilla groups. Reşit Serdar was a commander in almost all states and fields in the Medya Defense Zones.

Reşit Serdar was an unwavering person who advanced on the enemy with great grudge and anger, challenging any difficulty. He managed to be one of the great warriors and commanders of Botan. He became a follower and practitioner of the commander Egid. He conveyed the idea of how to fight in this line to thousands of guerrillas and freedom fighters under his command.

The struggle of Comrade Reşit, who joined the army of martyrs like their pioneer commanders in a conflict in the Gerdiya area of ​​Şemdinli while he was a member of the HPG Command Council on November 18, 2012, continues with all its splendor in the mountains of Kurdistan today. The warriors today bear their name and continue to practice their warrior souls everywhere.