The story of guerrilla Şerzan Kato

Guerrilla Şerzan Kato joined the ranks in 2012 in order to fight those who wanted to end his people. He fell martyr in 2019 in the area of Botan, his last place of duty.

Kurdistan is a land targeted by the oppressors for centuries but that never bowed to the enemy. In Kurdistan, children grow up listening to the cruelty of the enemy and the epics of the Kurdish brave fight against it.

Children grow up quickly in Kurdistan, they mature early in the face of the enemy reality and start to take part in the brave stories they listen to.

One of those who actually lived these stories was Şerzan Kato. There is a non-surrender date in Kurdistan. Everybody becomes a part of the country within, and falls on the ground.

Growing up with the pain of a country someone wants to end, Mazlum Duman (Şerzan Kato) was born in 1993 in Şırnak. After the fascist Turkish state burned and pillaged their village, his family moved to Mardin.

Mazlum Duman joined the guerrilla ranks in 2012 in order to fight his brother's arrest by fascist forces and to fight a greater war against the persecution of the Kurdish people. He joined the great resistance against the enemy who persecutes his family and people with his weapon in the mountains.

Taking the name of Şerzan Kato in the guerrilla, he quickly got used to the guerrilla life and conditions to fight the enemy with the spirit of revenge in the free mountains.

Mazlum Duman, was at the forefront in every work and task as a principle. He was known for his altruistic and courageous qualities. He spent most of his time reading the books of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan in order to deepen in ideology, shared his contradictions with his comrades and sought answers to the questions of how to be and how to live.

Guerrilla Şerzan joined the caravan of martyrs in 2019 in Botan, his last place of duty.