‘The Turkish state is stuck in its war against the guerrillas’

Speaking about the resistance against the Turkish army in the guerrilla areas, HPG guerrilla Êrîş Koçer stated that the Turkish army is making no progress despite mobilising all its resources and war technology.

The Turkish state continues its massive attacks on the guerrilla-held Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), which are particularly focused on the Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna regions. While the Turkish army is mobilising all its resources and war technology, the guerrillas are resisting with determination and undermining the technology.

Speaking to ANF about the situation on the ground, Êriş Koçer, a guerrilla in the ranks of the HPG (People’s Defense Forces), said: "The Turkish state is attacking us with all its power and the most advanced technology, but so far it has not been able to achieve the desired result. It is stuck in this war."

The HPG guerrilla stated that the YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) have a decisive influence on the progress of the war with their particularly strong actions against the Turkish army, prepared to make any sacrifice. "These self-sacrificial fighters have sworn to protect their country at all costs. Like Zîlan and Bêrîtan, they are fighting against the enemy and the traitors. This resistance of our comrades is decisive for the defeat that the enemy has suffered. The will and resistance shown by our women friends in this war today is a source of morale and strength for us. This is not only for us, but for the people of Kurdistan and the whole world."

Koçer continued: "Our comrades are hitting the enemy hard with their actions and at the same time preventing them from achieving their goals. The enemy is suffering a heavy defeat in the face of this."

Commenting on the current situation and the support of actors in South Kurdistan for Ankara, Êriş Koçer said: "In addition to the war and the attacks of the Turkish state, there is also a great betrayal. Betrayal and resistance are very tangible. Collaborators are fighting alongside the enemy, which has never succeeded in defeating us. But as long as the Apoist spirit exists, the Turkish state and the collaborators will never be able to achieve their goals here.”

“Many of our comrades died in the war against the fascist state and its collaborators, but it is clear what these sacrifices were made for. Of course, these sacrifices have a purpose. These comrades sacrificed themselves, without even thinking of themselves for a moment, to guarantee the physical freedom of our Leader [Abdullah Öcalan] and to create a free Kurdistan. As long as we live, this self-sacrificial path will continue. Because we live for our people."

The HPG fighter concluded with the words: "The freedom guerrillas will sacrificially pursue their cause to the last drop of blood and are determined to emerge victorious from this war. For this reason, they express that they will never give up their fight, no matter what happens, no matter what the conditions. We are determined to live to the end for the freedom of the Leader and a free Kurdistan. Finally, I wish all our friends who are currently fighting on the front line against the enemy every success. Victory will be ours."