This battle will never be forgotten

For thousands of years, invaders flipped out in the face of the majesty of these mountains and the brave fighters every time they attempted to attack. The same is happening today. This battle will never be forgotten.

The message of Martyr Serhed Giravi, one of the heroic and self-sacrificing commanders of Avaşîn's Mamreşo resistance area, to his comrades over the radio, referring to the Turkish occupation forces, remains in our memories: “We were looking for them anyway, and they came to us themselves.”

It hasn't been long since what he said. But 50 years have passed since the invading, fascist Turkish state that is waging one of the dirtiest wars in history by resorting to chemical weapons started to wage war against the PKK. A country that has been sold cheaply for 50 years, Turkey’s people whose bread has been stolen for exactly 50 years, and imperial interests that have made this heinous war even more so for exactly 50 years.

The Kurds are a people whose language is Kurdish. They are a hospitable people who have opened their doors to thousands of civilizations and promoted multiculturalism. With their naivete and sensibility dating back to the neolithic ages, the Kurds are a people who have never harmed their neighbours and have always fostered a humanist culture of life. The Kurds are a people who remain faithful to their words and wear their heart on their sleeve. The Kurds are a people who want to live freely in their country called Kurdistan.

The Kurds are brave, resolute and hospitable. Living around high mountains called Zagros, the Kurds are a free people with a high philosophy of life.

They are a rebellious people whose heads are as high as the mountain peaks, resembling the mountains where they grew up. The Kurds are an honourable people who take to the mountains to preserve their freedom and consider all ways of life other than a free one as dishonourable. The Kurds are mountaineers who have experienced freedom on mountain peaks and love summits.

The mountains of freedom-loving rebellious Kurds are now under Turkish invasion. And the brave fighters of this people are leading a relentless fight against their enemies on the peaks of their mountains to stop this invasion.

The Kurdish mountains have never welcomed sovereign rulers throughout history, and they have never allowed them to pass. Because these mountains have always been home to self-sacrificing fighters.

Those protecting the mountains of Kurdistan by laying down their lives today are the self-sacrificing fighters of history. They are the freedom fighters who emerge when the time is ripe and defeat darkness, oppression and slavery.

Now, they are on the battlefield again.

Those who have come to invade the Kurdish mountains are again encountering the self-sacrificing fighters of these mountains. History has repeated itself once again. For thousands of years, invaders flipped out in the face of the majesty of these mountains and brave fighters every time they attempted to attack. The same is happening today. How could a state bombing its own soldiers and throwing their casualties off cliffs be explained otherwise?

The fate of the Turkish invaders is similar to the previous invaders. They are running away just as the others ran away in fear and madness.

And this battle will never be forgotten. The vengeance of self-sacrificing fighters is harsh. History repeats itself once again. Soon, the whole Middle East, from Nineveh to Shengal, will be emancipated from thousands of years of darkness with the sun rising above these mountains. History will never forget this battle. Because those fighting selflessly do always win.