TKP-ML calls for support for the resistance in Maxmur refugee camp

The TKP-ML Middle East Party Committee called for support for the resistance of refugees in the Maxmur refugee camp in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist (TKP-ML) Middle East Party Committee released a written statement concerning the blockade of the Maxmur refugee camp by Iraqi state forces.

The statement recalled that a strict isolation and embargo had been implemented against the Maxmur Camp for the last four years with the cooperation of Turkey-KDP. The statement said: “This attack is not only directed against the people of Maxmur but targets the entire Kurdish people and all the peoples of the Middle East. The fascist Turkish state is continuing the war against the Kurdish and Middle Eastern peoples with hideous methods. It cuts water supply to the region and closes the Semalka border crossing with the help of the KDP. They show how cruel they could be by attacking people’s most basic needs. The Iraqi government and the KDP support the AKP-MHP fascist government ahead of the second round of the presidential election in Turkey by attacking the Maxmur Camp and closing the Semalka border crossing. The people of Rojava and Bashur (South Kurdistan) will not bow to these attacks.”

The statement by TKP-ML concluded: “Our people living in the Middle East, Turkey and Europe should not remain silent towards the attacks that target the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East. It is time for them to take place in the resistance of the people of Maxmur.”