Turkey bombs a village in Sulaymaniyah countryside

The Turkish state escalated its genocidal attacks across Kurdistan territory amidst international silence and inaction in the face of its crimes against the Kurdish people.

Turkish UCAVs  bombed the village of Gelale near the Sharbajêr town of Sulaymaniyah on Friday. According to RojNews agency, the attack did not result in loss of lives.

The invading Turkish state has been escalating its attacks against civilian settlements in South Kurdistan, especially since April 2022. While the increasingly ongoing attacks have killed many civilians, dozens of villages have been evacuated.

The village of Gelale is located near Mount Asos. Air strikes by Turkey in violation of international law have been routine for years in the region, which lies a good 200 kilometers from the Turkish state border. Other areas of the territory of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Iraq, especially those where Kurdish guerrillas are suspected, but also civilian settlement areas such as Shengal, are also regularly bombed by the Turkish army.

Only yesterday, December 28, an UCAV attack by the Turkish state claimed the lives of 5 workers who were drilling water wells in the Kora Simoqya area in the Mezargeh region of the Xanesor (Khanasor) town in Shengal (Sinjar) region.

On the same day, Turkish warplanes flying low over Binarê Qendîl and Pişder bombed the village of Enzê in Binarê Qendîl region.