Turkish airstrike targets a village in South Kurdistan

The Turkish state continues its genocidal attacks in various parts of Kurdistan. After a deadly aerial attack which claimed 5 lives in Shengal, Turkey carried out another airstrike in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) today.

According to Rojnews, Turkish warplanes flying low over Binarê Qendîl and Pişder bombed the village of Enzê in Binarê Qendîl region on Thursday.

Binarê Qendîl Co-Mayor Dilşêr Ibrahim pointed out that the UCAVs of the occupying Turkish state made low flights and bombed the Medîn region in the Enzê village of Binarê Qendîl.

According to information obtained, no material damage occurred in the bombed area.

Earlier today, an UCAV of the occupying Turkish state bombed the tents of workers who were drilling water wells in the Kora Simoqya area in the Mezargeh region of the Xanesor (Khanasor) town. According to reports, three strikes by Turkish UCAV left 5 workers dead and 2 others wounded.