Turkish army targets Afrin city centre – UPDATE

The invading Turkish army targeted the surroundings of Avrin Hospital and children’ park in Afrin city centre on Tuesday. One civilian died and four others were wounded as a result.

The invading Turkish army and allied gangs attacked Afrin city centre with howitzers and mortars at 10:40 Tuesday morning. One civilian died and four others were wounded as a result of the bombardment.

Taxi driver Hisên Ridwan (35) who was driving at the time of the bombardment has lost his life, while Luqman Bekir Hercî (31), Emîn Reşîd, Yûsif Mihemed Terşo and Syrian Television channel Sema reporter Heysem Mihemed Kirzo suffered injuries. They have been taken under treatment at Avrin Hospital.

Civilian settlements were severely damaged by the bombardment.

Jince January 20, Turkish army and gang groups under their command are attacking Afrin Canton of Northern Syria with tanks, artillery and heavy weaponry in addition to airstrikes. As many as 180 civilians who include women, children and elderly have lost their lives and 413 people got wounded because of the attacks.