Turkish fighter jets bomb civilians in Sulaymaniyah countryside

Turkish fighter jets bombed a village in the Şarbajêr district near Sulaymaniyah. According to the Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT), one civilian was martyred, and 2 others were injured.

The Turkish army bombed the village of Gelale in the Şarbajêr district. The non-governmental organization Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT) announced that a citizen named Eziz Mihemed Resul lost his life as a result of the attack.

“Two citizens were seriously injured as a result of the attack. All the martyrs and injured are registered to the Qamiş village in the Şarbajêr district,” the CPT said.

“Turkish fighter jets today bombed the village of Gelale which is located near the Şarbajêr district of Sulaymaniyah. The civilians targeted by Turkish jets had gone to the mountains to gather grass,” Kameran Hasan, the district governor of Mawet town, told RojNews.

It is reported that Turkish fighter jets bombed the same area three times. Neither the Kurdistan Regional government nor the Federal government has released an official statement so far.