Turkish military siege in the village of Hespist continues

The village of Hespist in Şırnak countryside has been besieged by the Turkish military for nine days. Residents can only enter the village after undergoing identity checks.

The village of Hespist (tr: Yarbaşı) in the İdil district of Şırnak has been besieged by the Turkish army since the launch of an operation in the area on 24 December. The area of Turkish military operation encompasses the entire surrounding area of Hespist.

The army moved in the village on the grounds of "denunciation". The troops blockaded the village and settled in tents earlier this week.

In the village where the blockade is still in place, people are subjected to identity checks.

Şırnak Governorate announced on December 26 that the region of Mount Gabar between the center of Şirnak and Güçlükonak district was declared a "temporary special security" zone for 15 days.