Turkish soldiers mistreat villagers and shoot animals in Amed

The Turkish army searched houses in a village, mistreated people and shot farm animals in the run-up to a military operation in the countryside of Amed.

A military operation took place on Tuesday in the area between Lice, Hazro, Silvan and Kulp districts in the province of Amed (Diyarbakir). On 8 June, one day before the operation began, the village of Üçdirek was stormed and searched by Turkish forces. People from the village were handcuffed behind their backs and threatened by soldiers. The people were led through the village and its surroundings with the request, "You will show us now where the terrorists are", and were beaten again and again.

During the operation people were not allowed to leave their houses. Cows in the pasture were shot at from helicopters. One cow died as a result of the shelling, six others were seriously injured. Five of these cows had to be emergency slaughtered. Many animals fled during the attack. Due to military threats, the people are unable to search for the animals.