Turkish war planes hit civilians again

The invading Turkish army bombed civilian residential areas in Diyana yesterday. Villagers in Başurê Kurdistan condemn the silence of KDP and Barzani in the face of attacks.

On December 14, the fascist Turkish army attempted an invasion in the Xakurkê region of Southern Kurdistan’s Diyana province over the Şemdinli border. The operation that included areas of Tepê Siro, Geliyê Reş, Kanîreş and the Bermizê village in Southern Kurdistan’s Diyana province has been pushed back for the time being as a result of HPG guerillas’ effective action.

The invading Turkish army launched an intense bombing on civilian residential areas in Medya Defense Zones yesterday between 14.00 and 15.00 local time. Vineyards and orchards of villagers, as well as pasture plains, were damaged in the bombing.

The Turkish army wants to deepen the invasion operation they launched with military dispatches to the Evdilkovî cliffs, Deşya Heyatê, Geliyê Heci Beg, Geliyê Reş and Kanîreş areas in the Xakurke region with aid from UAVs and depopulate the area.

Deşta Hertî villagers voiced their discontent with the matter and invited the Southern Kurdistan administration to break their silence in the face of Turkish army attacks.

A villager who wished to remain anonymous due to KDP administration’s pressure condemned the attack and said: “The Turkish army carried out aerial strikes on my home 3 times before. In all 3 of them, my house was torn to the ground. In these attacks, many of my close relatives were massacred. The Turkish army has increased their attacks on our villages recently. Our homes are attacked. In all attacks, dozens of our animals perish.

The villager asked what the Turkish state wants from them: “The Turkish army uses HPG guerillas as an excuse to attack our villages. They tear down our houses every day. They even kill our animals. Why is Barzani silent in the face of the Turkish army attacks? Isn’t the Diyana province part of Başurê Kurdistan?”

The victim called on Barzani and said: “Barzani should know this very well, we have received no benefits from the Başurê Kurdistan government to this day. The government of Başur has made the rich richer, while us villagers were condemned to more and more poverty. If that wasn’t enough, they have convicted us to death. Barzani and KDP should end their dirty relationship with the Turkish state at once and display a clear stance.

Another villager whose lands caught fire due to Turkish army attacks also wished to remain anonymous for the same reasons and stated that the Turkish state has not given up on their animosity towards Kurds.

The villager said the Turkish state is after creating “new Roboskis” and added: “They did this before many times in Behdinan, Şeladize, Qandil, Roboski and many other regions. The Turkish state uses the guerilla as an excuse to target our homes, our animals and our fields. Everybody knows that as Başurê Kurdistan villagers our only means of living is agriculture and husbandry. The Turkish state is destroying our livelihood with these attacks.”

The villager said they are suffering financial losses and continued: “If it wasn’t enough that they destroyed our means of living, they want to massacre our living spaces and our people by destroying them with warplanes. International and regional forces that speak of human rights every chance they get are silent in the face of the Turkish state’s attacks. Why are Barzani and the KDP silent in the face of the intensifying attacks by the Turkish state?”

The Deşta Hertî villagers stated that silence in the face of attacks means contributing to this tyranny: “Other political parties in Başurê Kurdistan have also not spoken up against the Turkish state attacks yet. Everybody should know that silence in the face of the Turkish state’s threats of invasion and attack means contributing to the crime. All the people of Kurdistan should take to the streets against the increasing attacks of the Turkish state on Başurê Kurdistan! History and humanity will not forgive those who stay silent in the face of these attacks!”

Lastly, locals called on the people of Kurdistan to speak up against the attacks and show solidarity with the Deşta Hertî region, reiterating their resolve to not evacuate their villages.