Two YBŞ fighters martyred in Turkish air strike in Shengal

The YBŞ announced that two fighters fell as martyrs in the air attack carried out by the Turkish state on Monday.

The YBŞ (Shengal Resistance Units) made a statement regarding the attack carried out by the Turkish state using an armed drone. The drone targeted a vehicle in the town of Sinunê on Monday night.

The statement said that two fighters named Berxwedan Şengali and Argeş Feqîr were killed in the attack, and added: "Last night, at around 23:00, on the anniversary of the liberation of Shengal, two of our comrades named Berxwedan Şengali and Argeş Feqîr were killed and one of our comrades was injured in the air attack carried out by the invading Turkish state against a vehicle belonging to our forces. We offer our condolences to the families of our martyred friends and wish recovery to the injured."

The statement continued: "The invading Turkish state carried out this attack on a day that is sacred for us. There is no doubt that this attack is an indication of the Turkish state's intolerance towards the liberation of Shengal. They never accepted the liberation of Shengal and did everything to frustrate the liberation of this people from a genocide. Our people welcomed the anniversary of the liberation of Shengal with great enthusiasm and celebration, in a festive atmosphere. On just such a day, a cowardly and despicable attack was carried out. With this attack, the Turkish state wants to continue the attacks of ISIS. The Turkish state has been acting in partnership with ISIS since the beginning, and this reality has not changed today. With these attacks, they want to take revenge on ISIS and keep the ISIS mentality alive."

The statement added: "Our friends Berxwedan Şengali and Argeş Feqîr were targeted in a civilian vehicle on Monday when they went to visit their families. Both of our friends became fighters at their young ages. They played decisive roles in the YBŞ ranks. They set an example for their comrades with their sacrifices, camaraderie and devotion to the revolution. Because both of our martyred friends were comrades of Çekos, Agirs, Pîrans, Dîndars and Çiyas. Both of our comrades were from the Feqîran tribe, which had many martyrs in the struggle, such as Dijwar, Çiya, Serhed and Serhildan.

Our comrade Berxwedan came from a family devoted to its land and faith and joined the YBŞ ranks in 2017. He undertook very important and great duties within YBŞ.

Our comrade Argeş is also from the Zero family, which has many martyrs. He joined the ranks of YBŞ in 2016. He was an expert in the military field. He took up his duties with great enthusiasm. He continued his search for freedom with great love.

Those who are the enemies of these lands want to prevent returns to Shengal by targeting its security and stability. These are the enemy's plans and expectations. Our expectation from our people is that they stand against the attacks. Other than that, we have no choice. We can only stop these brutal attacks with our social unity. Because the power of the people is superior to all powers. We saw this truth in the liberation of Shengal."