Uncertainty about Bashur elections continues

The official results of the elections held in Bashur still haven’t been announced, and the Bashur Supreme Board of Elections has announced that objections may change the outcome.

Bashur’s (Southern Kurdistan) laws dictate that election results are to be declared within 72 hours, but official results of the September 30 elections still haven’t been announced.

Some unofficial results have been announced, and the New Generation Movement, Goran Movement, Islami Yekgirtu and Komele Islami have submitted objections despite some increasing their seat count.

The PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) issued statements claiming irregularities in Duhoq and Hewler on September 30 and submitted objections for the Behdinan results in particular.


Sherwan Zar from the Bashur Supreme Board of Elections issued a statement on the political parties’ objections and protests, adding that the appeals may change the outcome. Zar said a total of 1.045 objections and complaints have been filed: “In some election centers where there was outside intervention, 228 ballot boxes have been wrapped in red ribbons.”

Complaints and objections will be assessed today under supervision of a UN representative and a final decision will be made.