Victims of Turkish attack laid to rest in Makhmur

Four women killed by Turkish air raid on Makhmur Refugee Camp last night, have been laid to rest.

Thousands of people from Makhmur attended the funeral held Friday afternoon for Asya Ali Muhammed (73), Narinç Ferhan Qasım (26) Evin Kava Mahmud (14) and Eylem Muhammed Emer (23) who lost their lives as result of Turkish aerial bombardment on Makhmur Refugee Camp in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq, last night.

Women lamented for the dead before the coffins of the slain civilians in front of Makhmur Culture and Arts Center.

Speaking here, Sultan Yıldız, mother of Kurdish journalist Deniz Fırat who had fallen a martyr in an ISIS attack on Makhmur in 2014, condemned the Turkish attack and criticized the silence of international authorities and institutions.

After speeches, thousands accompanied the four slain women to Makhmur Cemetery of Martyrs where they were laid to rest after religious duties.