Villages still under blockade in Lice

The people are threatened as part of the operation the Turkish army launched in Lice. Entry to and exit from neighborhoods are restricted. Several animals have perished because the veterinarians are not let through.

The operation launched a week ago by the Turkish army in 65 villages and hamlets in the rural areas of Amed’s Lice district continues.

Neighborhood residents have been harrassed and threatened by soldiers. Residents are also prevented from entering and exiting their own neighborhoods where a curfew has been declared.


The main source of income in the area is husbandry, and the veterinary doctors the residents call when their animals get sick are not allowed to enter the area. The neighborhood residents called the Agriculture and Husbandry Directorate but were told the doctors can’t make it to the area because a curfew has been declared. Many animals have perished during the operation due to lack of medical attention.

There are occasional clashes in the area.