Were chemical bombs used in Maxmur?

There are indications that Turkish war planes may also have dropped chemical bombs on Maxmur, during the simultaneous attack also involving Medya Defense Areas and Shengal.

The people in Maxmur indicated that one of the bombs thrown by Turkish war planes and and hitting a rock is different from the others. They added that it could be a chemical bomb as they recalled a strange, different smell.

In the first hour of 15 June, the Turkish army bombed Maxmur, Shengal and Medya Defense Areas with over 30 war planes and UAV. As a result of the bombing, many houses and stables belonging to villagers were damaged, and fires occurred in many areas. New images of the attack on Maxmur Refugee Camp have emerged. As can be seen from the images, one of the bombs dropped looks quite different from the others.

Although it hits a rocky area and bursts, it exploded with a huge flame which stayed on for many hours. The people of Maxmur who went to the scene said that there was an apple-like and felt a burning sensation in their throats. The people of Maxmur want this bomb to be investigated, to find out if it contained chemical substances.