What gas masks tell…

While the HPG announced that they were exposed to chemical weapons attacks, the Turkish state denied it. The Turkish state has released images of the gas masks, oxygen and breathing tubes it seized. So what do these images mean?

The Turkish state is using all the means at its disposal to get results against the guerrillas, in clear violation of both its own laws and all international agreements.

The Turkish state's war crimes and crimes against humanity are carried out on almost a daily basis. International institutions remain silent in the face of crimes committed by Turkey and become partners.

According to the HPG, banned weapons were used thousands of times in the six-month period from 14 April to 14 October.

The HPG-Press Liaison Center (HPG-BIM) said: "The war tunnels and positions of our forces have been bombed 2,476 times with internationally prohibited bombs (phosphorus bomb, thermo-baric bomb, tactical nuclear bomb) and chemical weapons."

Numerous images, testimony and documents have been published regarding the use of chemical weapons.

Despite all this, Turkish state officials denied the chemical attacks, saying they were "slanderous", "baseless", and "untrue".

The Turkish Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, exhibited the materials they seized to praise the invading army. Among the sized items were gas masks, oxygen and breathing tubes. In other words, vital materials used by the guerrillas precisely to protect themselves against chemical gases.

Like the Turkish army, the KDP forces seized and published images of a large number of gas masks heading to the guerrillas to protect themselves.