Women in Maxmur Refugee Camp condemned Turkish invasion of Bashur

Women in Maxmur Refugee Camp condemned Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan.

Women in Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Mexmur) Refugee Camp talked to Rojnews about the Turkish state's invasion of South Kurdistan (Bashur).

Eyşê Şirnexi said: "The Turkish state is carrying out massacres in Bashur with the excuse of the PKK. The silence of the Kurdistan Region and the United Nations (UN) shows that they are actually supporting the Turkish state.

The Turkish state bombs the civilian settlements on the pretext of guerrillas and harms the villagers. The people of Bashur should not fool themselves into thinking that this is only about the PKK. The aim of the Turkish state is to occupy the entire Bashur. My call to the Kurdish people is to speak out."

Ezime Şirnex said: "The Kurdistan Region Government and the UN did not react to the attacks. The Turkish state is using the PKK as an excuse to stay in Bashur. Is there any PKK in Kirkuk? The Kurdistan Region Government and the public remain silent rather than react to the attacks. We extend our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the massacre carried out by the Turkish state in Kortek. Wherever a Kurd is massacred, our hearts are wounded. I call on everyone, especially women, to organize and stand up against the occupation".

Ezize Sêrt said: "First of all, I condemn Iraq and its silence. Whenever Iraqi officials meet with the Turkish state, a military operation follows in Bashur. In 2011, the Turkish state massacred civilians in the same place. As Kurdish women, we must go hand in hand and oppose the invasion and attacks."