Workers visit human shield activists in Qandil

Mesopotamia Workers’ Association visited the human shield action by the youth in Binare Qandil.

The human shield action launched in Binare Qandil by Kurdistan Patriots Union and Combatant Young Women’s Organization against the Turkish state invasion attacks against Bashur (South Kurdistan) is on day 16.


A group from the Mesopotamia Workers’ Association visited the human shield activists, and were greeted by Ruken Ciya and a group of young people.

Ciya said, “The Turkish state is committing massacres in Bashur. We launched the human shield action to stop the invasion.”

Ihsan Yildiz spoke in the name of the Mesopotamia Workers’ Association and said: “At the time when the Turkish state intensifies the attacks against Bashur, it is meaningful to launch human shield actions. We salute and support the youth for their action. The people of Binare Qandil lived for years under the Baath regime oppression, and now they are subjected to Turkish state oppression. We strongly condemn the attacks. We condemn the Iraqi government and the Regional Government for their silence against the invasion.”


Merwan Memduh Ozdemir from the Mesopotamia Workers’ Association group, who held a death fast for 13 days in Sulaymaniyah against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan, said: “The Turkish state aims to invade Bashur. The youth action against the invasion is important. All the people of Bashur should take a stand against the invasion, like the young people here.”