Writer Kemal Rauf: Turkey plans to occupy all Kurdistan

Rauf said that Turkey plans to severe connections among Kurdish movements in the four parts of Kurdistan.

Writer Kemal Rauf, the intellectual who held the pulse of the people of South Kurdistan, criticized the political parties' silence on the occupation carried out by Turkey.

Rauf pointed out that the occupation attacks of the AKP regime are part of a big and dangerous plan which is a threat to all Kurdistan and Kurdish parties.

Speaking to ANF, Rauf said: “There is a plan against Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan and the PKK. This plan will grow, including Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) and the IKDP (Iranian Kurdistan Democrat Party) and Komala parties. This plan - insisted Rauf - aims at destroying the Bashurê Kurdistan region as well as its achievements.”

Turkey aims at severing connections among the four parts of Kurdistan

Rauf pointed out that the occupation plan is aimed at severing connections among Kurdish movements in the four parts of Kurdistan, Bashur (South), Rojava (West), Rojhilat (East) and Bakur (North), and emphasized that many regional and international powers are taking part in this plan.

“The silence kept by the KDP and PUK - said Rauf - shows that the regional government is somehow part of the plan. The fact that the US do not react at all reveals that they too are part of this plan.”

Rauf insisting on the fact that the plan includes the occupation, added: “Turkey, which is leading this plan, wants to make United States and Iran part of it.”

He pointed out that the attacks targeting the reality of South Kurdistan, and added that Kurds are threatened with everything in South Kurdistan, especially security, life and economy.

Rauf said: “The people of South Kurdistan oppose this plan. If this plan is not taken seriously, Bashur Kurdistan will be under threat in any aspect of its life, security, life and economy.”

The danger of the occupation

The writer said that if the Regional Government, PUK and the KDP have agreed to quietly accept the violation of the border and occupation of the territory of Iraq it means that the Iraqi central government also allowed Turkey to enter ​​South Kurdistan.

“When the Turkish state will come to settle in the area that it has invaded there will be a problem in Iraq, unless Iraq, and it is the way it looks, would allow Turkey to settle and therefore erase Bashurê Kurdistan.”

Rauf stated that while the political parties were silent on the invasion attacks, the people of the region did not keep silent. The people are angry at the situation.

“The people - he said - have a great energy. This energy can be turned into a real opposition to the occupation. If it is not exploited, there is the risk to lose Bashur.”

Turkey like Israel is trying to have a Golan

Rauf stated that the aim of the AKP occupation plan is actually that of changing the demography of the region. “Turkey is working hard to this end in Bradost. They have begun to give identity card to some people. They're working to make some of them village guards. Turkey's plan looks like the plan imposed by Israel in the Golan.”