YBŞ fighter Kawar Hebabî dies of illness

YBŞ fighter Kawar Hebabî has died in Shengal after a short and serious illness. The Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) extended their condolences to his relatives.

Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) fighter Kawar Hebabî has died in Shengal (Sinjar). According to the General Command of the Shengal Resistance Units, the fighter died on Wednesday in a clinic in Shengal as a result of a severe kidney disease. "Despite all efforts, he could not be saved," the YBŞ said.

Kawar Hebabî's real name was Cemal Mirad Xelef. He joined the YBŞ "to take revenge for the genocide against the Yazidi community," it said in a statement.

"Our friend Kawar has taken his place in the ranks of the freedom struggle to protect the people of the region from further persecution and oppression. He had been part of our structures for only two years and was loved by all his friends for his contribution to our struggle. With his self-sacrificing and courageous personality, he successfully and without hesitation fulfilled all the tasks that fell to him from the day he joined the YBŞ until his death," it continued. The YBŞ offered their condolences to Kawar Hebabî's family.

YBŞ announced the martyr's ID details as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Kawar Hebabî

First-Last Name: Cemal Mirad Xelef

Mother's - Father's Name: Mihbet-Mirad

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 26 January 2022, Shengal