YBŞ: Our people should resist the attacks and defend Shengal

YBŞ stated that the increasingly ongoing aerial attacks of the Turkish state seek to prevent the return of IDPs living in camps back to their land, and called for resistance.

Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) Press and Liaison Center released a statement about the Turkish aerial attack earlier today.

Detailing the attack, YBŞ said that an armed unmanned aerial vehicle (SIHA) of the Turkish state struck a house near the Hesin Mama Dome in central Shengal at 14:30 local time this afternoon. The attack caused only material damage, it added.

Pointing to the increasing aerial activity of the Turkish state over Shengal recently, YBŞ noted that today’s attack followed another SIHA attack that targeted a guesthouse last week.

“In the wake of the elections in Turkey and North Kurdistan, the fascist AKP-MHP regime has taken action to disturb the peace and safety of Shengal. The Turkish state has been carrying out aerial attacks, especially to prevent the return home of our people who are living in camps,” said the statement.

YBŞ concluded: “Our people should rise up against the attacks of the invading Turkish state, raise their reactions and prevent the domination of the invaders on our sacred land. Our people should resist the attacks and defend Shengal.”