YBŞ says that they promote dialogue and democracy to solve problems

The YBŞ General Command said that they promote dialogue and democracy for the solution to problems in Shengal and added: "We will use our right of legitimate defense against any kind of attack."

The Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) General Command issued a statement regarding the Iraqi army deployment and attacks on Shengal.

The statement underlined that Kadhimi government has long wanted to attack the people of Shengal, and added: “On 17 April, when preparations were made for the feast, the Iraqi army attacked our security forces. We tried hard to prevent these attacks. However, despite all our attempts, the attacks were launched at different points. We were compelled to use our right of legitimate defense against these attacks. Despite all the negotiations, the Kadhimi government did not give up on its offensive policies and attacked our people with tanks and artillery. Our forces were compelled to face the Iraqi army so that the problem would not grow and the attacks would not be directed at our people.

The attacks by the Kadhimi government were carried out by the Mosul Joint Operations in an environment which saw the increase of attacks by the Turkish state and the KDP. Kadhimi is taking orders for the attacks from the treacherous KDP and the invading Turkish state.”

The statement continued: “The problem in Shengal is not military but political. These attacks by the Kadhimi government have paved the way for the occupation of Iraqi lands. The Iraqi people should be aware of this reality, which is, in fact, an update of the 2014 Edict launched by ISIS.

Disarmament of our people in such a critical period when Iraq is going through a major crisis is an attempt to update that edict for the massacre issued in 2014.

We, the Yazidi people, have faced many edicts in history. The main reason for this was that we lacked the strength and forces to protect ourselves. In 2014, we became aware that we have the right to organize politically, economically, militarily and socially. For this reason, we will never leave ourselves vulnerable and will not accept attacks on our institutions.”

We insist on dialogue

The statement said: “We would like to express once again that we promote the solution to problems within the framework of dialogue and democracy. We do not reject the Iraqi army. But we are against the use of an army for genocide. We will use our right of legitimate defense against all attacks. Whatever the outcome, we will not stop making our defense to protect the gains of our people. On this basis, our people should also strengthen their defense and resistance and raise their struggle. Our people should not allow plans and conspiracies aimed at our destruction to succeed.”