YJŞ fighter: Resistance grows as attacks increase

“The purpose of the ISIS attack on August 3 was to destroy the Yazidi community. Yazidi girls were murdered and abducted due to the KDP's cooperation with ISIS. The month of August may be a painful one for us, but it also brings along great resistance.”

On August 3, 2014, ISIS attacked the town of Shengal in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and carried out a massacre against the ancient Yazidi community. Thousands of people, including children, women and elderly, were massacred, abducted and disappeared. The attacks against Shengal did not stop after this mass slaughter. The Yazidis faced attempts of more massacres directed at them, especially following the so-called Shengal agreement reached on 9 October 2020 between the federal Government of Iraq and the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) and mediated under assistance of the UNAMI (United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq). Most parts of Shengal’s people themselves have voiced disapproval and protested against the agreement, criticising that they had not been consulted and that the result didn’t meet their needs.

Shengal Women's Units (YJŞ) fighter Çiçek Çiya spoke to Rojnews about the continued attacks on Shengal and the targeted attacks against pioneer members of the Yazidi community.

'Attacks carried out due to the KDP's cooperation with ISIS'

Çiçek Çiya said that the purpose of the ISIS attack on August 3 was to destroy the Yazidi community that was devoted to their religion and faith: “The aim of ISIS was to eradicate the roots of an ancient faith. Numerous girls and women were kidnapped, and young people were killed because the KDP cooperated with ISIS. After the August 3 massacre, our defence force was formed. This was achieved thanks to the efforts of the prominent members of our community such as Martyr Seid, Mam Zeki, Berxwedan and Berivan. This is the reason why the enemy forces have always targeted the leading figures of our community.”

'Mam Zeki was targeted because of his contribution’

Commenting on the targeted attacks against Yazidi leaders, Çiçek Çiya said: “Mam Zeki was a vanguard and represented the unity of our people. Mam Zeki always wanted our people to be able to defend themselves. Sadly, he was targeted by the invading Turkish state while returning from the Kocho massacre commemoration. The enemy was aware of Mam Zeki's contribution to this community and targeted him for this very reason.”

'Seid Hesen: Founder of YBŞ, conscience of Yazidi people'

Çiçek Çiya also spoke about the personality and martyrdom of Seid Hesen, a commander of the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) who was martyred along with and his nephew, YBŞ fighter Isa Xwededa as a result of a Turkish drone attack in Shengal centre on 16 August 2021. “He had a role and mission within the community. He was the founder of the YBŞ and paved the way for the liberation of the Yazidi people. He also led the way for the arrival of dervishes to Mount Shengal. A companion of Seid was also targeted and martyred during an official meeting with the Iraqi Army.”

“The enemy was not satisfied with the martyrdom of our leaders. They also attacked the Sikêniyê hospital which is open to the public and civilians. All activities there were carried out without discrimination against any religion, culture and faith. This massacre was carried out by the Iraqi government. The month of August may be a painful one for us, but it also brings along great resistance,” the YJŞ fighter concluded.