YJA Star guerrilla Dilgeş calls on the people of Behdinan to stand up against Turkish attacks

YJA Star guerrilla, Rûken Dilgeş, calls on the people of the southern Kurdish region of Behdinan to rise up against the Turkish invasion.

The southern Kurdish region of Behdinan is directly affected by the Turkish invasion. YJA Star guerrilla, Rûken Dilgeş, herself from Behdinan called on the people to stand up to the Turkish invasion attacks.

Guerrilla Dilgeş has been with the guerrillas for 13 years and she talked with ANF about the resistance against the Turkish invasion that began on 23 April. "We are here for our people. We put up this great resistance, also at the cost of our lives."

Guerrilla Dilgeş pointed out the war crimes carried out by the Turkish army and in particular their use of chemical weapons and added that the guerrillas cannot be defeated. "Each of our friends is like 30 Turkish soldiers. The resistance is enormous. No matter what we say, words are not enough to explain the magnitude of our resistance.”

“People and guerrillas will win together”

Guerrilla Dilgeş appealed in particular to the people of Behdinan: “Our people must rise. They cannot accept captivity. I know that there is a lot of pressure on our people, but they cannot feel helpless. The Zêbari tribe in particular must not accept this oppression. The people and the guerrillas united will surely succeed."