YJA Star guerrilla Roza Tolhildan: Our morale and motivation are high

Roza Tolhildan is a fighter with the women's guerrillas YJA Star. She said that the guerrillas fight with the highest morale and motivation. This is also reflected in the extent of their actions.

Roza Tolhildan fights in the ranks of the women's guerrilla YJA Star in the southern Kurdish region of Xakurke.

In this ANF interview she said that the resistance of the guerrillas would become even fiercer. Regarding the fight against the Turkish invasion, she explained that the fighters in the mobile units and the war tunnels are highly determined and are carrying out actions at the highest level.

Tolhildan emphasized: “The chemical weapons used against the war tunnels are an indication of the desperate situation in which the Turkish army finds itself in the face of guerrilla resistance on Zagros. Although the actions of the Kurdish guerrillas, carried out with great motivation, can also be seen on videos, the fascist Turkish state continues to hide its own losses, the names and number of dead soldiers from the public and their families. The regime resorts to all atrocities and lies to protect its own power. The guerrillas, on the other hand, continue to publish all the events of the war and share the images with the public.”

The Resistance of Xakurke

Regarding the resistance in the Xakurke region, Tolhildan said: “The guerrillas in Xakurke operate with a wide range of forms of action. In particular, they carry out sniper operations and acts of sabotage, as well as operations with heavy weapons. In this way, guerrillas support their comrades in the resistance areas with very massive actions, in which the Turkish army is witnessing heavy losses. As guerrillas in Xakurke, we will continue to increase our actions.”