YJA Star guerrilla Sara Cudi portraits the resistance with her dance

YJA Star guerrilla Sara Cudi portraits the resistance against the invading Turkish state in Kurdistan with her dance.

The Kurdistan freedom guerrilla fights for its culture and art as much as it struggles against the invading Turkish state. Every place where guerrillas are present is an arena of resistance against the Turkish state, which inflicted cultural and physical genocide on the Kurdish people.

YJA Star guerrilla Sara Cudi talks about the resistance against the cultural genocide of the Turkish state with her dance.

Originally from Batman, guerrilla Sara Cudi grew up in Izmir. She said she started ballet when she was 12.

Guerrilla Cudi said that her search began after she read Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's book "How to Live" when she was a student. "I was particularly impressed by the Leader's evaluations on culture and art. How can I create a social personality in myself as a woman? I got to know the PKK. At home, I could never do ballet without music. But in the mountains of Kurdistan, I started to dance without music by taking advantage of the sound of nature. As I became one with the mountain, my feelings deepened. With my dance, I explain the social spirit of women and the oppressed women's reconnection to life and their unity with the universe, in line with the Leadership philosophy.”

Guerrilla Cudi added: “Our comrades are carrying out a fierce resistance in Mamreşo, Aris Faris, Zendura and Heftanin. Despite the technological attacks carried out by the enemy, our comrades fight strongly. Under the leadership of comrade Serhat, a self-sacrificing spirit emerged and this is how the spirit of comradeship grew. How can we reflect that sacrificial spirit? How can we explain it? Many of our comrades put this spirit of victory into poems, others explain it with theater, and I try to explain this resistance with body language. With the unity of Fire and Sun, I tried to reflect the loyalty of our comrades to the Leader in the Bazên Zagrosê and Cenga Xabûr campaigns. How can we reach the sun when we're inside the fire? The answer to this question is embodied in the personalities of Serhat, Kamuran Sarya and many martyr comrades. This relentless struggle and the resurrection of women, the struggle of all our comrades, angered me in the growing fire and led me to greater goals.”

Guerrilla Cuda continued: "As part of the 'Time for Freedom' initiative, I present my poem called 'Hope' to my comrades who are resisting in prison.

Our comrades Heval Halil and Heval Delila have shown a great spirit in terms of culture and art. We will embrace this war not only with our armed actions, but also with cultural actions. My call to the Kurdish people from here is to keep this struggle under the leadership of our comrade Serhat, with their culture and arts.”