YJA Star guerrillas: We follow the resistance example given by Martyr Zîlan

YJA Star guerrillas Ekin Van and Şayan Botan said that they are fighting following the resistance example given by Martyr Zîlan against the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Medya Defense Areas.

Zeynep Kınacı (Zîlan) created the manifesto of a new life with her sacrificing action against the fascist-colonial Turkish army in Dersim in 1996. HPG and YJA Star guerrillas, who are taking action against the Turkish state in many parts of Kurdistan, continue to follow the resistance example given by Zîlan.

Ekin Van and Şayan Botan, YJA Star guerrillas, spoke to ANF about Zîlan's sacrifice action.

Guerrilla Ekin Van said that Martyr Zîlan's action was the answer to a process and added: "Martyr Zilan was an example of sacrifice and heroism in our PKK movement. The resistance she carried out continues to this day. The biggest example of this is the war in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna. In particular, the actions and struggles carried out by the YJA Star guerrillas symbolize the spirit of resistance of Zîlan, Egît, Mazlum and Beritan.”

Guerrilla Ekin Van continued: “We owe the existence of the resistance and the struggle against the fascist forces to Leader Apo and all our fallen comrades in the person of martyr Zîlan. Comrade Zîlan's action was a breath of fresh air for women and the enslaved Kurdish people. The enemy's attacks against the Kurdish people and PKK in 1996 continue in the same way today. We respectfully commemorate the actions carried out in the spirit of Zîlan and the comrades who fell in these actions. We also promise that we will be the answer to this process. We will break the isolation on Leader Apo and bring the flag raised by our fallen comrades to the summit of freedom."

We will fight with Zilan spirit

Guerrilla Sayan Botan said that the guerrillas in Avaşîn, Metîna and Zap are fighting against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, with the spirit of resistance of Zîlan.

"Today, there are thousands of guerrillas who have become Zîlan in the mountains of Kurdistan. The resistance line created by the Zîlan is passed from generation to generation. These actions are actually the continuation of the spirit of resistance created by Zîlan. As a YJA Star guerrilla, I will continue my struggle with the spirit of Zîlan. We will respond to enemy attacks with the spirit of Zîlan. This chain of resistance will never be broken. I salute all my friends who are fighting against the enemy."