Human shield action started in Qandil against Turkish invasion

Young people are acting as human shields in South Kurdistan.

Youth in South Kurdistan protested the invasion attempts of South Kurdistan carried out by Turkey by acting as human shields.

The action began with a press conference at Bınarê Qendîl.

In the press release he read on behalf of the young people coming from all over South Kurdistan, Eyhem Basur said: "While the fascist Turkish state invasion attacks and military shipments to Kurdistan continue, the attempts to disrupt demography in Kirkuk and other areas detached from the Kurdistan Region are also going on.

These create a dangerous situation for the achievements in South Kurdistan, and we need to be aware of this danger.”

The young people are acting as human shields in Bınarê Qendîl, said the statement adding that this is “a first step to protect the achievements of the people in South Kurdistan, Bradost region and the Kurdish nation. We call on all youth in Kurdistan to join the human shield action.”