Young people joining the PKK vow to expand resistance in the free mountains

A group of young people who have joined the PKK vowed to expand the resistance in free mountains and called on “our people and the honourable Kurdish youth to join the guerrilla and take part in this historic resistance”.

A group of young people from Bakûre (North) Kurdistan who have joined the PKK made a statement.

“The occupying, genocidal, fascist Turkish state, the AKP-MHP fascist government, and its head Erdoğan are continuing their war of genocide against the Kurdish people,” the young fighters told Nuçe Ciwan media outlet.

“For this very reason, they keep introducing all kinds of special warfare, destruction and massacre policies against our people and lands. They do not hesitate for a moment to drop tons of bombs and chemical gases on the soil of Kurdistan. The genocidal, fascist Turkish state offers the Kurdish people only death, murder, burning and destruction of water, land, nature, life, property, youth, women and country. Murderer Erdoğan has become the Dehak of the age by feeding on the blood of the honourable Kurdish youth,” the young fighters said. 


The statement of the young fighters continued as follows:

“This is our appeal to the honourable and brave youth of Kurdistan: The time has come to take revenge on the fascist Turkish state and collaborative contra groups by promoting the 'Dem Dema Azadiye’ [Time for Freedom] and Werin Cenga Azadiye' [Come to Fight for Freedom] campaigns.

The time has come to ensure the physical freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been kept in prison by the genocidal, invading, fascist Turkish state for 23 years.

The time has come to become Kawa the Blacksmith against the blood-sucking, murderer Erdoğan who feeds on the blood of the honourable Kurdish people and the insurgent youth of Kurdistan.

The time has come to stop those corrupt people who introduce drugs, gambling, prostitution in our villages, neighbourhoods and streets. They poison our teenagers and young people and force them to be a spy working on behalf of state security forces.

The time has come to defend all our values as free and honourable Kurdish guerrillas by joining the Kurdistan freedom movement PKK against the genocidal, invading, fascist Turkish state, its collaborators and contra groups that bomb our villages, towns, cities and lands to destroy our sacred mountains and homeland.


It is our duty as the youth of Kurdistan to protect every inch of the homeland and its values from Bakur (North) to Bashur (South), from Rojava (West) to Rojhilat (East), to avenge the centuries-old persecution against our people and to maintain their existence and freedom. Revenge is the truth that represents the hopes and wishes of the Kurdish people, something Nuri Dersim bequeathed in his will to the Kurdish youth. The brave young women and men of Kurdistan! Our mountains and plains are waiting for us to put an end to the occupation, colonialism and Turkish fascism.

We say that massacre, genocide, collaboration and a slavish life are not the destiny of the Kurdish people and youth, and we reject it. It is time to join the historic struggle led by the guerrillas of the Kurdistan freedom movement to maintain the existence and freedom of the Kurdish people, and to crown this honourable struggle with victory. We join the guerrilla ranks as part of 'Werin Cenga Azadiye' campaign in order to become guerrillas in the free mountains and to arise triumphant in this struggle illuminated by our martyrs. We call on our patriotic people and the honourable Kurdish youth to join the guerrilla and take part in this historic resistance with an awareness of their historical responsibilities.”