YRK headquarter releases names of fallen guerrillas

The YRK has published the names of two guerrillas who had fallen ten days ago in the Turkish drone attack in the Iraqi-Iranian border area. The identities of three other fallen guerrillas were also established.

The headquarters of the Defense Units of Eastern Kurdistan (Yekîneyên Parastina Rojhilata Kurdistan, YRK) has published the full identities of the two guerrillas who fell as martyrs in the Turkish drone attack on a vehicle in the Iraqi-Iranian border area ten days ago in South Kurdistan. The fallen are Ada Imralı (Mahiye Açık) and Ekin Rojava (Roha Racî). As the YRK already announced, the women were on their way back from an operation on June 19. In the village of Asos near Şarbajêr north of Silêmanî, their vehicle was bombed by a drone belonging to the Turkish state.

The identities of the two fallen guerrillas are as follows:

Code name: Ekin Rojava

First and last name: Roha Racî

Place of Birth: Hesekê

Mother and father’s name: Newroz - Abdullah

Date and place of martyrdom: 19 June 2021 / Asos-Şarbajêr

Code name: Ada Imralı

First and last name: Mahiye Açık

Place of birth: Van

Mother and father’s name: Nuriye - Zeynel Abidin

Date and place of martyrdom: 19 June 2021 / Asos-Şarbajêr

Ada Imralı was born in the province of Van. According to the YRK, she joined the guerrilla as a young woman. “With her strong character and active participation in life in the mountains, she stood out early on. As a Kurdish woman, she showed a determined attitude towards the different approaches of the system, she was tenacious and strong-willed, enthusiastic and honest in the fight against both reactionary thoughts and the enemy. Despite her young age, she took part in the activities responsibly and with spirit of self-sacrifice. As a female guerrilla in Kurdistan, she led her resistance looking at Rojhilat, was deeply connected to Rêber Apo and carried the hope of fulfilling the longings of her fallen companions."

Ekin Rojava was born into a patriotic family in Hesekê in Rojava. She got to know the Kurdish liberation movement when she was a child and grew up in the midst of the revolution. The YRK said: “Here she recognized the realities of the Kurdish people and the enemy and saw the need to take responsibility as a woman. In the midst of the annihilation attack of the colonialist enemy against the guerrillas of Kurdistan, Ekin turned to the liberated areas."

The YRK added: “Until the day of their death, our friends Ada and Ekin waged a persistent and assertive struggle based on building a free life. They have become a source of strength and morality for their companions. We, the forces of East Kurdistan, once again express our condolences to the families of our fallen and our patriotic people and promise to realize the dreams and goals of our friends."

Three fighters fallen in Shaho region

The YRK has also disclosed the identities of three guerrilla fighters who were ambushed by Iranian troops on 15 June while organizing work in a village in Shaho, a mountain in the eastern Kurdish part of the Zagros Mountains. The guerrilla points out that for some time now there have been more and more plot-like attacks on fighters by the Iranian regime and village guards. "Although our friends try to avoid clashes, they are exposed to conspiracies, ambushes and attacks by the occupying state of Iran."

According to the YRK “the group of three was first attacked with heavy weapons and placed under artillery fire before a larger number of soldiers attacked. As a result, clashes broke out between our friends and the enemy. Our comrades Şêrko Rojhilat, Sîrwan Alanî and Hêja Sine fought selflessly until the last moment and joined the caravan of the martyrs. The number of enemy casualties is unknown. "

The fallen fighters all came from Eastern Kurdistan. The YRK describe them as "pioneers and revolutionary champions of their people".