YRK: Iran launched a comprehensive operation in Eastern Kurdistan

YRK reports that Iranian troops have launched a comprehensive operation in the Meriwan-Diwandere-Sine triangle area in Eastern Kurdistan. The military activities are taking place in parallel to Turkey's air and ground invasion of Southern Kurdistan.

Increased military activities have been observed along the Iranian-Iraqi border for several weeks. Especially in the regions bordering on the Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan, positions, bases and the entire infrastructure of the Iranian army have been consolidated in the last few days, parallel to the air and ground invasion by Turkey.

The press office of the Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Rojhilata Kurdistan, YRK) reported that Iranian regime troops have launched a comprehensive military operation in the triangle area of Meriwan-Diwandere-Sine. On June 18, the Iranian state deployed forces from Sine and Hemedan to Meriwan and Diwandere.

According to the YRK, Iranian troops have been deployed in schools and mosques in the regions of Tewekulan, Agce, Gogce, Nergiselle, Qemchiyan, Deregawan, Kani Temrxan and Shaqella. Several mobile bases have also been installed and all the areas concerned have been declared military restricted areas. This means that residents are not allowed to enter the regions. The nomads living in the pastures in Chilcheme, Dubra and Sultan have been expelled from the area as the military operation was launched. 

Reconnaissance flights and bombardment

YRK also stated that reconnaissance flights took place between 1.00 and 5.00 a.m. on the night of Monday over Mount Sultan (Meriwan) and Dubra mountains (Diwandere). In the early morning the region was bombarded by the Iranian regime forces with mortar, tank, katyusha fire and attack helicopters.

The operation is currently focused on the area around the village of Gogce. The Iranian army has taken up several positions in Durba area and on the hills around, the YRK said.