YRK: Turkish state bombed civilian areas in Pênciwen

YRK stated that Turkey attacked civilian areas in Pênciwên and called on the Kurdish people and their friends to take a stand against the fascist Turkish state's invasion attacks.

The Eastern Kurdistan Defence Units (YRK) Press Centre made a statement and said that the Turkish state shelled civilian areas in Pênciwên on 27 December, causing great material damage in the region.

The YRK statement on Thursday said the following:

"The fascist Turkish state bombed civilian areas in Pênciwên. The occupying Turkish state is attacking the infrastructure services in Rojava and Southern Kurdistan with an inhumane method after the defeat it suffered in the war it has been waging in Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna and Xakurkê within the scope of its actions aimed at destroying the Kurdish people. In addition, the occupying Turkish state wants to take revenge for the defeat of its army against the freedom guerrillas from our civilian population.

As a result of the genocidal attacks of the occupying Turkish state against our people in Northern and Eastern Kurdistan in recent days, many civilians, including the Kurdish director Mensûr Kerîmiyan, who came from Eastern Kurdistan to document the disaster in Rojava, were targeted and killed.

In other words, the Turkish state is cowardly targeting the cultural, educational, residential and service areas of citizens with banned weapons and UCAVs. It attacks with an attitude far from humanity and war ethics. The international public opinion remains silent against these genocidal attacks of the occupying Turkish state. We condemn these attacks and respectfully salute the unprecedented resistance of our people.

Within the scope of the attacks, UAVs belonging to the occupying Turkish state bombed the Kanî Mirani village of Pênciwên 3 times between 09.00-14.00 on 27 December. On the same day, between 14.30-15.20, the village of Salyawa was bombed 2 times. There was no loss of life as a result of the bombardment.

The areas attacked by the occupying Turkish state with UCAVs are civilian residential areas and our forces are not positioned there. For this reason, we call on our people in four parts of Kurdistan, especially those living in Eastern Kurdistan, to take a stand against the attacks carried out by the fascist Turkish state against our people."