Zakho University removes map of Kurdistan at Turkish request

The map of Kurdistan, which was hung in Zakho University, in a KDP-controlled area, was removed 22 days after it was hung, at the request of the Turkish state.

A large map of Kurdistan was hung on the Faculty of Social Sciences of Zakho University on 20 August, but was removed on Sunday by the decision of the university administration. Only a map of the lands remaining under the Kurdish Regional administration was drawn.

Kurdistan Region Minister for Minorities Affairs, Aydın Maruf, who is known for his closeness with the Turkish state and who is also Turkmen, visited the Turkish Language Department of Zaxo University and saw this map.

According to the information received, the Turkish state pressed the South Kurdistan government officials to remove this map through Aydın Maruf. After this request was forwarded to the rector of the university, the map was removed.

No statement has been made by the Rectorate regarding the removal of the Kurdistan map, but this event once again gives an indication of the servile actitude of the KDP.